Honoring Union Private George W. Gould on Veterans Day 2017

I drove an hour and a half today – Veterans Day 2017 –  to Paxton MA to add yet another 🇺🇸 flag to the grave of George W. Gould, an ordinary Union private from Massachusetts who died in Cold Harbor VA on June 3, 1864 to save the Union and forever end human chattel slavery in America. There is a United States today because of the sacrifice of Pvt. Gould and several hundred thousands of others during that rebellion more than 150 years ago. I saluted his grave.  I honored his service. There have been many American heroes, but I honor this one specifically – through both these web pages and my graveside visits – so that long after he has been dead and otherwise forgotten,  his sacrifice, his voice, is again resurrected for our time. It is specific to him, as well as symbolic for all who gave everything in the cause of freedom.

Gould Veterans Day 2017

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