MCWL_114: Almira Wheaton Mars to George’s mother 5-21-64

MCWL_114: Leicester June 21, 1864; to Mrs. Gould from Mrs. Almira Wheaton Mars (?) replying to her query about George’s bounty payment

Leicester June 21th 1864

Mrs. Gould

We received your letter Saturday afternoon you wanted we should let you know about the bounty we will tell you all we know about the affairs.

 width=We don’t know much about this. George received fifty dollars of the bounty when he was on here and the rest to be paid in installments he has not received enny [sic] of his wages reenlisted that was in January.

Christopher thinks that some of you had better see to the affairs. Christopher has found out that the state aid run awhile yet and we will keep the children as we have been keeping them.

George was very anxious that we should always keep them. George was very anxious to move them from the Meads because he thought they did not treat him as they ought to, but he said that he would treat them as well as he could for Mira sake.

We should like to have some of you come up for we can tell you better then [sic] to write.

write soon

This frome [sic]

Mrs. Almira Wheaton

Mars [Mears?]