MCWL_104: George W. Gould to his mother 9-11-63

MCWL_104: Camp Pickett, Washington NC Sept. 11, 1863; George W. Gould to his mother

Camp Pickett

Washington N.C.   September 11th 1863

Dear Mother

I received your last letter and was very glad to hear from you and should have written to you before but have not felt able my health is very poor and has been this two months I have 104 Thumbthis fever and ague and it takes a fellow down pretty well I got better and went on duty a few days and was taken down again and am now on the sick list where I intend to stay until I am well enough to go on duty. There dont [sic] seem to be much news just now though things are working well the report is we hold Morris Island and if that is the case forts Sumter and Wagner are ours and Charleston must fall. I can’t see no chance for it others ways the southern papers are harping for peace on any terms whatever and I should not be surprised if we had peace some time but I don’t know when.

But I must close now as I am growing rather tired I hope to have more news

please give my love to Father and Brothers and Sister and receive a large share yourself.

Please excuse poor writeing [sic] and haste and write often as you can and believe yours truley [sic] from your Soldier Boy.

Geo. W. Gould

Please direct to Newbern N.C. and not to Washington D.C. as your last was for there is danger of there being miscarried if they are directed rong [sic]. Yours truly