MCWL_108: George W. Gould to his sister 12-29-63

MCWL_108: Camp Upton, Newport News VA, Dec. 29, 1863; George W. Gould to his sister

Camp Upton

Newport News V.A. Dec. 29th, 1863

Dear Sister

108 ThumbIt is so near that I will commence this by wishing you and all the rest of the family a happy new year

I hardly know what to write that will be interesting to you I believe it is the first time that I ever tried to write a letter with this heading but there must be a first time for everything and so here goes.

I will just say here that I am well and hope these few lines will find you all enjoying the same great blessing for health is one of our greatest blessings.

I have got the blues to night and I’ve had them these two or three days the reenlisting is going on pretty lively out here and I am half a mind to go in a second time by so doing I can get a furlough home of thirty days and what to do I don’t know I want to come home bad enough but then three years after sticks rather hard whether I can swallow it or not a few more days will decide for if it is done at all it has to be done between now and the fifth of next month so perhaps the next time you hear from me I may be a veteran volunteer and I may not I can’t tell tonight that is certain.

I have been looking for a letter from Mother till my eyes are growing dim and I am worrying for fear that she is sick and not able to write but I hope that is not the case.

I had a letter from Leicester the other day they wrote that my children were all well then though Ada had been sick and had the doctor she is not healthy like the others nor has not been for a year her Mother used to write me about her I fear she is rather consumptive and what I hear though I hope she may outgrow it

But it is getting near rollcall and I must close this time hoping the next time I triy to write to you I shall have something to write about.

Please give my love to Father and Mother and Brothers and receive a large share yourself.

Please excuse poor writing and answer soon and believe me your


Geo. W. Gould