MCWL_112: George W. Gould to his mother 5-15-64

MCWL_112: No location specified, May 15, 1864, Sunday morning; George W. Gould to his mother; George’s final letter

Sunday Morning

May 15th, 1864

Dear Mother

thinking you might felt anxious about me not being able to be in action with the regiment I thought I would try and write a few lines to you to day I am in hopes to be able to go to the 105 Thumbfront tomorrow they are about 10 miles from here pushing on to Richmond as fast as possible fighting is actually begun and it is no boys play I tell you.

I have been in three engagements where the shots and shells blew pretty fast we have lost quite a number in killed and wounded there have been two killed and a number wounded in our company.

It has been very hot and dry till last three days when we have been relieved by refreshing showers.

I should have written to you before this but there is not much chance to write in these times and then we have nothing with us but our rubber blankets and over coats and no chance to carry writeing [sic] material with us though some have things to carry it in that I have not and you cant buy if you had the money I made out to borrow this sheet of one of the boys or I could not have written this.

When I look forward to the future and think where this will all end it looks dark and gloomy and God only knows whether my life will be spared to ever return I sometimes think I have seen my children for the last time on earth and you all but remember there is a better land above where I hope to meet you all. it seems hard to leave my little ones to the cold charities of the world but I trust God will raise up friends that will protect them and in that belief I commend them to the care of the Almighty God and resign myself to his will.

But I must close this time not knowing when I shall have a chance to write again but hoping you will write as often as you can direct to Fortress Munroe [sic] V.A. Co F 25 Mass Vol and I shall get them my love to all yourself included write soon from your son G. W. Gould