MCWL_115: George S. Bond to George’s mother 1-25-65

MCWL_115: Leicester Jan. 25, 1865; to Mrs. Gould from George S. Bond administrator of George’s estate inquiring about letters found on George’s body

Leicester mass January 21st 1865

Mrs. Gould

I write to ask you if there were any letters sent to you ever taken from the body of George 115 ThumbW. Gould after he was killed. I was informed by the sargent [sic] of his company that the things that were about his person were sent to you and among the things there was a letter or letters.

What I wish to know particularly is what letters were sent to you and by whom were they written.

Truly yours

George S. Bond

Administrator of the Estate of George W. Gould

Please direct to Geo. S. Bond Leicester Mass. Box 88

PS I enclose a postage stamp with which I trust you will return an answer for by so doing you will greatly oblige me