MCWL_101: Almira to George’s Mother 8-19-62

MCWL_101: Worcester Aug 19, 1862; Almira Gould to George Gould’s mother

Worcester August 13, 1862

Dear Mother

Having received your letter & one from George on the same day, which was the 11th,  I will answer it, so you may know how & where he is, he wrote the 4 the same day he got to Newburn [sic] he says they had a pleasant voyage they started from N.Y. the 31st of July & got there the 4 he was very sea sick until the last day, they had pretty hard fair [sic] on their passage, when 101 Thumbthey got to Cape Hatteras, they bought there on board a lot of magetty [sic] crackers, which was all they had to eat for one day & night but when they got into camp they had a good breakfast, he was in a rebel tent, one captured when the place was taken, he was well then but very tired. I answered his letter that night. It takes a week to get a letter either way, he has not joined any company yet or had not when he wrote, probibly [sic] has before this, he is at camp Oliver a few miles out of the city, but his letters are directed (o/Newburn [sic] N.C. 25 c/Mass. Vols.) we are as usual I was most sick last week & am not well now. nor cannot be long as I worry so much about him, you wanted to know about the bounty, George enlisted as a Leicester Soldier & then he drew $1,00 dollars from that town & I shall draw $18 a month, but it takes a great deal to live here, & use all the economy possible. I have one boarder now but it does not pay the way. I want to know if Father is away to work you spoke of his being gone, & where are Willie and Sammy, give my love to them & tell them not to forget George, but rite [sic] often but I must close. I was sorry you did not think you could come up and see me, you was very kind to offer to keep one of the girls a while but you have your hands full now, they would be very glad to come either of them, they have not got home from Leicester yet, give my love to Father and all the rest and receive a large shared your self, but it is late & so goodbye, write often for I am so lonesome, from your daughter

Almira A. Gould